Peter C. Bradbury



Slavery was supposedly abolished over 150 years. It wasn't, it just goes under another name now. 
Human Trafficking worldwide, is an almost 35 Billion Dollar a year business. The trafficked are forced into sweat jobs, farm work, but mainly the sex trade. 80% of them are turned into prostitutes who earn little, or normally no money.
Women and children are the biggest targets, and they generally get drugged, tortured and raped. The children's average age is 11, and once they get put into this appalling situation, their life expectancy is just another 7 years.
In the U.S., not only are there thousands of people trafficked into the country, but also trafficked are the runaway children, of all races, who in trying to find a new life find themselves in something far worse.
Most of the trafficked are run by gangs, pimps, and madams. Hidden amongst them are the regular people, who want free labor, sex slaves, someone to abuse.
The Innocent Children is a novel that focuses on the child victims in the U.S., and the FBI's attempts to find and rescue them, as well as to arrest those who are abusing them.
I hope the book will bring more awareness to this deplorable business, and make people more vigilant to what could well be happening in their own neighborhood.