Peter was born in Oldham, UK, and lived mainly with his mother, grandmother, and his three siblings. They were raised in a small town called Shaw, which was a cotton mill town in the North West of England.

Although most of his family still live in his hometown and that he's maintained his passion of his beloved Manchester United, Peter now lives in the USA.

He trained to be a butler in London, and that was his career until he lost  his job in Maryland in 2009, when the recession affected his employer. He had come to the USA in 1994 after marrying his wife, Debbie, who he had met earlier that year when on vacation in California.

He had started his first book, Stonebridge Manor, while he was working in Dallas, Texas. He put it on hold as he didn't know what to do with it, as he didn't just want to do an autobiography. However, finding himself out of work and back in his wife's home state of California, he turned it into a murder mystery.

Since that first book, he has published seven more, but he always strives to entertain his readers, and keep them turning the pages.



Peter C. Bradbury


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