Peter C. Bradbury




"CONSEQUENCES" is a novel about a young man who can't shake off his memories of being bullied and mistreated. Now being able to do something about it, what he really wants is the tormentors to apologize to him. But if they don't, then they will face the Consequences of their actions.
When he sets out on this road, he has no inkling that he will meet someone who was similarly treated, or that he would fall in love. He then he reaches out to help others who are being bullied.
Bullying in the schools, the workplace, and in the home is getting worse. 3 million students a year are subjected to it, and over half of adults in the workplace have to suffer from it. There is much talk about it, but little is ever done. Only 4% of teachers ever report it, and the adults are scared, as they fear for their jobs.
This book is dedicated to my grandson, Bryce, who was bullied incessantly in high school. His parents and his siblings complained to the school, but nothing was ever been done by the school to stop it. Bryce is bullied because he's autistic.